Thursday, September 02, 2010

Book to Read

For someone who wants to read a good book, especially to help them with the craft of fiction, I recommend Olive Kitteridge. Very, very good. I'm still thinking about it three days after finishing it.

I am now reading The Shallows, about how the Internet is changing our brains. Good grief! Quite interesting.

I read a review today of Jonathan Franzen's new book. Don't know if I'll go there. I tried to read The Corrections and just plain got bogged down in, well, the sexual stuff. Just don't care to read some of that.

It's funny how people want to say, "I'm not a prude." when discussing sex in the arts, but what they mean is they really don't want to look at very much of it but they can put up with it if they have to. What is a prude, anyway? It's like academic people not admitting they voted for a Republican when they did. For Pete's sake, take a stand.

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