Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Et tu, Glenn Beck

I got to say, I don't get Glenn Beck. I know, I know--"You're a conservative, Barbara, you're supposed to love him." Not by my definition of a conservative.

For some reason, I just find him disingenuous (an elitist word for fake). How could he not know that 8/28 was the date of MLKing's speech? Where does he get off telling Christians to leave their churches if the pastor mentions "social justice?" (There being many levels of interpretation of that word, from social concern to full-blown socialism). Why is he all of a sudden preaching like an evangelical, when he's a Mormom? (and probably one who doesn't know that much about his church's doctrine.)

I am not sure if he reminds me of the main character on Paddy Chayevsky's Network, or some other demagogue. It's just a little creepy. I am not sure what he wants, other than money and power. I am not sure he has a coherent philosophy or is capable of creating or articulating one, and if he doesn't, he should wait til he does to tell other people how to live and think. He strikes me as putting on an act--sometimes Mr. Calmness, sometimes Mr. Craziness, sometimes Mr. Patriot.

ON THE OTHER HAND, he has freedom of speech, I suppose. We have freedom not to let ourselves be affected by him. He is right about Woodrow Wilson (a scary guy). But that's about all I can say in his favor. I don't want someone else to speak for me.

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