Friday, September 03, 2010

I Find this Disturbing

Especially since I respect Dr. Land so much and he was my pastor for over a year (interim).

I realized today how much I was writing about this issue when I wrote Traveling Through (forgive the plug, but I spent eight years on that book and it means a lot, even if it's not very good). Some of us want to protect the sacred space from intrusion from politics; some of us, I suppose, feel we are providing a more holistic view if we integrate the sacred and secular. At the same time, maybe some of us are being dualistic (separating the sacred sphere too much from the public sphere), or maybe some of us are letting our passions for political causes control us.

I don't know. Christians can't protect the sacred space so much that the gospel doesn't go out; we also can't get distracted, nor can we let the world think we only welcome people who have our political views, whatever they may be. But Glenn Beck? No thanks.

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