Thursday, September 09, 2010

Well What Do You Know

So it seems the whack job in Florida who was going to burn the Q'urans on 9/11 has changed his mind and will have a sit-down with the imam behind the mosque planned for near Ground Zero. I am so surprised.

Like this wasn't a stunt for attention, and the media loved it. Let's make all Christians look bad because of this "pastor." If the media had just refused to report this, they wouldn't be threatening Christians in Muslim countries, nor would our soldiers be in even greater danger. I think the media is as responsible as this Jones fellow for all this brouhaha.

I don't think he ever intended to do it anyway, that he would respond at the last minute to whatever semblance of common sense came along. In short, a stunt.

On a different note, I wish someone would help me understand this "Islam is about tolerance" idea. Then why do Christians, Jews, and even Buddhists and Hindus face such opposition in Muslim countries (specifically where Sharia prevails?) Is Islam only tolerant when it's the minority religion? And let's not bolster our argument with examples of Toledo, Spain, in the middle ages. All three religious groups got along there for a certain period of time. Tolerance has to be mutual for it to work. One group being tolerant while another has a hegemony of intolerance is not applicable.

The irony is that radical Islamists would have used Jones' stunt to justify more violence--hurting people, not just copies of books--on of all days, 9/11.

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