Monday, May 16, 2011

I May Not Have the Right to Do This, But

Someone who I plan to meet in a few days wrote me this email.  It made me happy.

I finished your book, Traveling Through, tonight and loved it.  I was hooked from beginning to end in a real fast read.  And I'll be there to recommend it . . .  I hope you can come and present  at a . . . 

The only Christian books I've read have been preachy, but your book showed a powerful silent side of Christianity that is not often explored, and that was inside the characters.

I easily identified with Carlie,  her struggles for independence and the right to have a mind of her own as well as her commitment to doing the right thing.  She is the universal 70's woman. As the book ended I wanted to know more about Josiah, Emily and Jeff. At the same time I wonder about Carlie's birth mother.  In any sequel will there be any hint of who she was or what her life was like?

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