Monday, June 13, 2011

Our New Pet

After a series of events, my husband, son, and I find ourselves the caretaker of a new animal.  Our neighbors, who have two very large dogs already but soft hearts, rescued two puppies in a ditch on the side of the road near our neighborhood.  We (well, I was slow about it) to take one, a female puppy.  Although they think she is full pit bull, I am not convinced; I'm also not sure about her age.  But we've had her four days, and she's really a sweet puppy.

I am not afraid of the pit bull temperament issue as much as the pit bull size.  But by then I hope we will have her trained and settled (and altered--a must).

She and our other dog are quite funny, but I also fear that she will hurt him as she gets bigger and will have to be trained to play gently.  Already he has run for cover (but always comes back for more).

I would appreciate any insights in pit bull females.  By the way, her name is Nala, although that is only because our neighbors' little girls named her and we didn't want to confuse anyone.  I'm ok with that name, despite the Disneyfication.

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