Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good News from My Publisher

Today is a good day in my writing career.  My book is actually showing up on the Nook website with a sales rank (326,000, but hey, it didn't show up before), and the Kindle is at 43,000 (it was at 430,000 forever) and the book version was at 72,000 (for a very short time, though.  It has been at 2.7 million for months.)  I don't know what's going on, but I'm glad.  I'd love to know who is buying these books.

Even better, my publisher is getting ready to bring out my next two books and to republish my first one to make it a complete set.  That means for the next two  weeks all my attention will have to be focused on proofing all three books, writing copy for bio and press releases, making decisions.  It will move fast.   I hope to have it all done before the academic year starts.  I am off for the next 16 days.  I am excited.

Now, I learned one thing, and it's a very important thing, about the first book.  You MUST be absolutely obnoxious about self-promotion of the book.  And I plan to be this time.  Not that it will take away from my job at the college, but I AM A NOVELIST.  One makes a novelist, and I have three.  Everyone must know that.  I am going to start calling groups, libraries, colleges, guilds, etc.  to give readings.  My church will be one of the first--I'm going to throw a big party and have food and sell books.  I'm going to have Office Depot make bookmarks with the covers of the three novels on it.  And this time, no one gets a free copy.  Not even family or close friends.  Last time I owed some to people because they helped me with the first one.  This time, it was all on my own.

I was a tad frustrated with my publisher, but they have come through beautiful and are very supportive, so I am sorry I became frustrated. They are priceless.


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