Thursday, July 28, 2011

John Stott

Saddened to hear of the death of John Stott, but not for him.  From all accounts, he is enjoying perfect fellowship with his Lord now.  I was privileged to hear him speak at a missions conference at First Presbyterian of Chattanooga about the turn of the millenium; he would have been about 80 at the time!  His message was simple--commitment to missions.  I was impressed with how unimpressive he was--not remotely flashy or self-importants.  Based on the obituary posted above, that was him.

"Here then are two instructions, 'love your neighbor' and 'go and make disciples.' What is the relation between the two? Some of us behave as if we thought them identical, so that if we have shared the gospel with somebody, we consider we have completed our responsibility to love him. But no. The Great Commission neither explains, nor exhausts, nor supersedes the Great Commandment. What it does is to add to the command of neighbor-love and neighbor-service a new and urgent Christian dimension. If we truly love our neighbor, we shall without doubt tell him the Good News of Jesus. But equally, if we truly love our neighbor, we shall not stop there."

At First Prez I also got to hear Timothy George of Beeson Divinity School, a former editor of CT, whom I approached and told him thank you for CT because it preserved my faith at a time when I thought nowhere in the world was there a thinking Christian.  I also heard Steve Brown, but he didn't impress me much.  I also got to hear Ben Haden every week, a joy. 

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