Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My Worthless Take on a Verdict

Well, I have to admit that I have watched this travesty the last couple of days, since I was off during the weekend.  The verdict came down while some of us female faculty members were working in the Writing Lab.  We were appalled and gossipy.  Someone said, “I bet Nancy Grace’s head exploded.”    “It’s another OJ case,” a student too young to remember the OJ case said.  I think it is sad that we even know about this; it was a case made for the tabloids and the nether reaches of Fox News, HLN, and CNN.  

 Hundreds of children go missing or are killed by parents every year; only the cute white ones who have slutty mothers in Florida do we hear about it.  I find it ironic that all this took place in the same county that Mickey Mouse lives in.  

It is hard to believe that no aspect of the child’s death is being legally considered the responsibility of her mother.  We will probably never know how the child died.  It is sad.  As my friend Cindy Davidoff said many years ago, “Children have no rights.”  They have none before birth nor after. 

However, just because I watched a little bit of a trial on television, I am hardly knowledgeable and I am just bloviating about something I know nothing about.  Maybe I have a career on television.

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