Sunday, August 21, 2011

Republican Politics

As I have written before, I usually (but not always) vote Republican, not because I am in love with Republican politicians but because the party's platform is closer to my own positions.  However, politics does not lend itself to nuanced positions.  I believe in a small government, pro-responsibility America.  If everyone would take responsibility to make mature decisions, we would be the kind of country we should be.  However, I think this includes treating the environment right and helping poor children and building strong schools, and not ignoring any of those.  I think there should be incentives to do the right thing, carrots if you will, but not sticks.  I also find it ironic that liberal, pro-choice people want women to have control over their bodies at every stage of pregnancy but don't want us to eat hot dogs or smoke cigs (granted, neither are good for you, but I think aborting an 8-month old preborn baby is a little more dangerous.)  I can't be a libertarian because they take some pretty out-there positions.

When I look at the slew of Republican presidential candidates, though, I am close to despair.  Here's my take.

Rick Perry.  Talks like Bush, smirks like him.  His appeal is lost on me.  He says outrageous things.  Texans are like beings from another country anyway, in my opinion. I forgave Bush for being a Texan because he came from good New England stock.  He seems popular now but I think he will fade.

Romney:  Very good looking man.  If we have to have a president, at least he should look good.  I suppose he is as qualified as anyone, but he's not all that consistent with the conservative principles and positions.

Bachman:  Smart lady.  I like her but she is a tad strident.  Some say you can't run for President from the House, and she hasn't had that much experience.  But I think she has good character.

Palin.  I liked her at first, but she has the craziest redneck family.  And they say people in Georgia are redneck.  I'd love to sit down to lunch with her, and I wish I had her hutzpah and energy, but she needs to focus on her kids and just take the speaking fees and save us from herself.

Caine.  I wish he had been the first African American president. 

Paul.  He reminds me of a crazy, eccentric uncle.  No way.  But I appreciate his positions on pro-life, especially since he's a gynecologist.

Huntsman.  Get real.  He worked for Obama. 

Gingrich.  Why is he still running, as my husband asks.

Huckabee.  I would like him to run, but he's enjoying life too much.  I liked Pawlenty a lot, too.  We don't need any more Republicans running, but Chris Christie is interesting.  Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels are being asked to run, and good old Rudy G. would make it interesting. 

So, lots of interesting people but who can go the distance.  And who can raise the money?  I don't gamble, so I'm not calling it.  Would like comments.

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