Saturday, September 03, 2011

Click, by Ori and Rom Brafman

Just finished a book I picked up at the local library.  Ironically, the book made an instant connection with me and I picked it up, and the book is about instant connections between people!  It's called Click; these two brothers wrote another one, called Sway, which I will look for.  The book reminded me of Making it Stick, in the way it took complicated research and interpreted it.  Since I will be teaching a human communication course soon, I will consider the book for my reading list.  It's easy reading (I read it in one day and am not a fast reader) but thought-provoking.  I have long struggled personally and academically with the difference between propositional truth and experiential truth, and that is sort of the subject of this book.

Also on my reading list right now:
Academically Adrift by Arum and Roska (for a faculty learning community)
Developing Learner Centered Teaching by Blumberg (also for a faculty learning community)
Diary of a Country Priest
Higher Education by Hacker and Dreifus
Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, fascinating and life transforming

I struggle with the issue of a Kindle; I have too many books that I have to read first before getting more on an Ebook.  I also don't know that I'd enjoy it.  The research isn't favorable, according to Nicholas Carr.

For light reading I work on my own next novel, an excerpt of which was posted earlier in August.  Tentative title is Opportunity Coming.  It was Prosperity Coming until I found out there is a town in South Carolina named Prosperity, so I couldn't use it.

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