Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reading on a Beautiful Day

I am reading today.  What a blessing.  I am one of those people who believes, if Heaven is not a library itself, it has a really, really big one. 

But it's a beautiful day, and as Martin Buber wrote, we can al ways open the door and talk to people no matter how much we get involved in books.  So later I will enjoy it, but not to do yard work.  I did that all summer. 

I have posted about what I am reading on my other blog,

Life has been very busy.  Last week I spent the weekend with my Baptist Collegiate Ministries students at a conference in McDonough, Georgia, at a very large church.  It was an excellent conference.  Michael Kelley, whom I would recommend, was the speaker and DownHere was the band.  I give both 5 stars out of 5.  The theme was "where being human and being Christian meet."  That "collision" has plagued me for many years.  Sometimes the two just don't seem to fit.  But whose fault is that?  All the values we think are human values in the modern world are watered down versions of Christian values.  Tolerance is a watered down value of love; diversity is a watered down version of Rev. 5:9. 

So this week I have tried to process, something I am not good at because I am ADD and let myself get overstimulated. 

We bought a used Volvo from an individual two weeks ago.  My husband has been working on it.  It's really nice.  The dogs like it.  The dogs are ruling our lives. 

I am taking an anti-inflammatory that has many side effects, mostly in terms of stomach upset.  It's for my feet--I went to the podiatrist yesterday and have many problems.  I am supposed to exercise them!  I need new orthotics for my shoes, and need to stop wearing non-New Balance shoes.

I hope to get back to blogging--I have a list of topics to consider.  

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