Monday, September 05, 2011

Zookeeper and a Rainy Labor Day

After five weeks or more of intensely dry weather, we are getting torrential rains due to Hurricane Lee.  That means floods.  It also means Labor Day is a fizzle for many people.

Yesterday I spent a Sunday in an entirely different way.  My son and I were going to go to Atlanta, but I was not feeling up to it.  Something with my head, my stomach, and great fatigue.  Today I feel great, so it's done.  However, I gathered the strength for us to spend some time together in Chattanooga.  We went to the Chattanooga Market, which was crowded but I got some good bread from a bakery in Marietta, Bernhard's Bread Bakery LC, some lettuce from a local grower, and some cards from New Canaan Publishers (trying to support local businesses here).  Then we went to the Hunter, largely because it is free on the first Sunday of the month and because I expected to see some of my students there; I saw two.  Then we went to Mall and I bought rugs and we went to separate movies.

I saw Zookeeper.  Great cinema it is not, but it was not crude, I laughed a lot, and I've seen much worse.  Not a King of Queens fan though.  Rosario Dawson is beautiful.  I rarely recommend movies because there is a cost involved, but this would be worth the $1.00 on Redbox.

Came home and watched an Inspector Lewis (those have really convoluted plots but I like him and his relationships with all the supposed smart people in Oxford).  Reading a book called Higher Education which is making me perplexed. 

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