Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning shows

On mornings when I am home, and when my husband is here, he inevitably turns on ESPN.  I hear the sonorous voice of Dan Patrick as I walk through the house, catch a glimpse of Dana Jacobsen and cannot keep from remarking on how fat and horsey she is, and then hear snatches of Skip Bayless whining about something.  If my husband is not here, my son turns them on.  This morning, I hear above all other sounds, even though I am int he back of the house, "I'm sick and tired of talking about Tony Romo."  This from Skip, who I am assured is really very knowledgeable about sports even though he looks as far from a jock as he can.

Me:  What is he going on about?  Gosh, these guys get on my nerves.

My husband:  The Skip Bayless show on ESPN in the morning is like the View, only with less testosterone. 

Me:  Don’t you mean estrogen?

Husband:  No, there’s more testosterone on the View than with these guys.

In all fairness, I detest the View as much as whatever the name of this show on ESPN is.

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