Sunday, October 23, 2011

My secret addiction: Film Noir

I love film noir.  I don't know why; they just fascinate me.  When I get a chance to see a new one, I take it; I'll watch some of them over and over.  It appeals to the pessimist in me, I guess. 

What makes film noir?

  • Black and white.  So much better than technicolor.  
  • A female who is "complex" and usually in control and ready to let the male protagonist suffer if he needs to.  She's not a good girl.
  • The male star usually dies at the end, or doesn't really get what he wants.
  • Always about crime.
  • There are lots of plot twists and turns.
  • They exude the post WWII urban landscape.
The problem is, I often forget the name of the films afterward, even though I remember what happened! 

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