Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Novel Non-Recommendation

I picked up a novel at the public library and read it the last few days.  I couldn't put it down, mainly because it was trashy and cliche-ridden but had a lot of action and short chapters.  It was Eighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace.  The lady knows the White House, so that part was interesting.  The concept of the first woman president, and what she would be like, was interesting, too. (In this case, she's Republican).  But she could have used a better editor.  Phrases like "she melted into his embrace" and "she loved him with every fiber of her being" seem amateurish.  Actually, I wasn't innocent of cliches in my first novel, but mine wasn't published by a big house.  So I can't recommend it for its great writing or literary value, but I can as a beach read or a plane-trip read or a "put yourself to sleep at night" read.

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