Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Protesters and Protesters

As I alluded to in the post about Occupy Wall Street (where I tried to be fair, really, I did), I think there are two kinds of protesters.  One just raises hell for themselves; they want things better for their own little group.  The other raises hell for others; the protesters may or may not benefit from their activism, but their sights are set on achieving change for others  or for the long term.

Now, I'll let you figure out which movement belongs in which category.  But trying to achieve change for others does not preclude one from receiving some benefits from the change itself.  People who protest for the sake of their children and what their lives will be like fall into the second category.  Black people protesting in the '60s fit into the second.  People who protest for pro-life aren't going to benefit themselves from changes to abortion laws, so they fit in the second.

But this is just me.  Conservative that I am, I still appreciate people who put themselves out there to derision for standing up for a cause they truly believe in, but diffuse and disorganized mobs get us nowhere. 

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