Saturday, November 12, 2011

Disappointment with Blogging

I am beginning to feel that I am shouting into the wilderness--or into cyberspace, which should be listening but is not, just like real space.

The only "people" coming to my blog seem to be hackers or spammers or trollers or whatever they are called.

So, what to do?  I think of this blog as a ministry and part of my mission statement, which is to "communicate truth through teaching communication principles."  I can just ignore it for a while or plug away.  I have countless ideas for blog posts, but life is a little hectic right now.  I may be going back to grad school, I am writing, it's the holidays coming up, etc.  I may post things that are recycled from my class lectures.  I have written lots of good instructional material on public speaking and communication and even literature.  And I'll keep with the spiritual lessons and book/movie reviews.  But maybe not so much for a while.

However, let me update:  yesterday a friend and her daughter and I went to the IKEA store in Atlanta.  How I enjoy that place!  It's like a museum where you can buy the exhibits.  I enjoy the little apartments they set up.  We Americans are a spacious people, used to lots of room.  Europeans and city dwellers don't have that option, and while I would probably get claustrophobic living in a 430 square foot apartment, it's neat how they design things to utilize every inch of space.  Of course, they also sell things for people who have 3,000 square foot living spaces.

I only wish they didn't have so much made in China stuff.  I don't mind buying things made in Vietnam, Philippines, India, or Egypt, but not China. 

We also battled Atlanta traffic.  I do not understand how anyone can live there.  How do you plan to go somewhere?  It might take 5 minutes at one time of day or 2 hours at another. 

We ate at a Macaroni Grill, which is always on top of my list of favorite restaurants.  I don't eat out a lot and don't consider myself a restaurant critic, but I've never gotten less than an excellent meal there.

Finally, I met with the graduate school staff where I might be going.  They seem cordial, but I have to take the GRE again and can't bring in any of my doctoral credits from Georgia State, meaning that that experience was pointless academically. 

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