Thursday, December 08, 2011

Advent Reflection #11

While we wait for the coming of Christ at Christmas, symbolically, we also must occupy, just as we occupy until he comes the second time.  Not like the occupy movement--occupy means to be in an occupation, occupy yourself with productive work, not disrupt traffic and those with real occupations.  so I have a hard time treating December as one long Christmas holiday. I don't think it honors the Lord much to do so.  I could have attended four or five parties so far--but only two did I really go to, because I'm being occupied with life.  As it is, I have at least four ahead of me! I am not sure why everyone has to have a party for Christmas. 

It would make more sense to have that many worship services.

For example, my dog earned her second certificate of completion for obedience class--a diploma.  I just got back from a five-day business trip.  I have lots of grading to do.  My house is a mess.  Etc. Etc.

That is why advent must be the focus, not food and shopping and materialism.  Because these tasks are meaningless without advent, the coming, and because the food and shopping and materialism take our focus off the advent.

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