Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today is my birthday, but I am not revealing the year for security purposes.  Thoughts:

It is so easy to say "I'm old" and give up on what God could do with you and through you.  That is just plain laziness and self-centeredness, not realism.  However, I don't have the energy or agility I had ten years ago, and I am not going to keep a garden this year because it's not enough bang for the buck, not enough produce for the process. 

Why do all the commercials for chocolate show women, by themselves, eating the chocolate in some sort of ecstasy that is almost sensual (sexual) in nature?  Check it out--Dove Bars, Giradelli, Godiva, etc.  Is chocolate that much of a temptation that it is raised to the level of sex?  And all these women are thin!

If I see one more perfect, middle class family of a boy and girl (that look the same age) and two gorgeous parents wearing clothes that look like a Dillard's ad, standing in the snow or watching TV while it snows or trimming the tree while it snows or drinking cocoa while it snows outside, I might puke.  In most of the country it doesn't snow on Christmas.  Talk about an ideal we have been sold!

Jimmy Kimmel is a creep.  The people who film their kids to get on his show are even bigger creeps.

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