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Philippians 1:27-2:11. So What’s Your Motivation?

There’s a funny old commercial for Sprite you can find on YouTube.  Some commercials you ignore, and some stick with you.  “Where’s the beef?” was brilliant.  Everyone who ever saw it remembers it.  Since I study communication, I love to watch commercials, at least new ones.  On the Sprite commercial, it has three young, tough-looking Black guys who are supposedly playing a rough game of basketball.  The commercial is supposedly for a sports drink, called Turboboost or something silly like that.  So the three tough guys are standing, talking to the camera, and the one in the middle holds out the can, but the director of the supposed commercial stops him, “Cut—you’ve got the can upside down, dummy.”  The can-holder breaks into a rage, using a British accent, “I played Hamlet at Cambridge!”  The second actor says, “Once again, you caused me to lose MY concentration!”  And the third says, “Excuse me, what’s my motivation?”  Then the screen says, “Image is nothing, thirst is everything.  …

Philippians 1:12ff—Whatever It Takes

Speaking Engagement

You are Invited to Attend…the2nd Annual Northwest Georgia Valley Writers ConferenceMay 6 & 7This Year's Keynote Speaker and author of All that's True, Cold Rock River, Divorcing Dwayne, and Roseflower Creek is Jackie Lee Miles Learn more about Jackie Lee Miles at
OPTION ONE / For Writers: Pre-Registration at the Harris Arts Center or by Phone (706-629-2599) is highly encouraged as there will be limited registration on the day of the event. $50 for the conference / price does not include meals.

OPTION TWO / For Readers: There is no charge to attend end-of-day events on Saturday. Join us at 5:45PM for a panel discussion on "The Writer's Life" then stay for book sales and signing at 6:15PM Those attending ONLY the "readers" portion of the event do NOT need to register and admission is free


Friday Night:New this Year—Bonus workshop!
7:00 PM Enjoy dinner with several authors …

Spirituality #10 and #11 and the end

With this post I finish my series on traits of spirituality, and I put this blog on hiatus for a while.

One of the traits of spirituality is willingness.  I have been thinking about the place of my online presence for a while.  I spend way too much time on the Internet.  I have to, to some extent, for my work.  I teach online, expect my students to submit papers online, do research online, etc.  This morning, for a short period, the college's network was down and I literally could not teach as I wanted to! 

Beyond that, blogging and Facebook and checking my special sites (such as how my book is doing on Amazon, and it never changes) is a habit, a compulsion.  Since another trait of spirituality is detachment and freedom, I don't like being compelled about anything.  For the Lenten season, at least, I am going to use the Internet only for work and basic email.  I plan not to open up Facebook or post to this blog.

If you happen upon this blog and like it, go back and read former…

Spirituality #9

Gratitude.  No one can be spiritual without gratitude.  Gratitude is the root of humility.  Lack of gratitude is the root of entitlement, meanness, rudeness, arrogance, pride.  Deep thankfulness for everything one has, knowing very, very little is ours of our own work or choice.

Corny but true:  if you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he didn't get there by himself.

Spirituality #7 and #8

The Decision

Masterpiece that was Forgotten for Thirty Years

Today I finished Their Eyes Were Watching God.  Magnificent book.  Beautiful prose.  Story and themes reminiscent of The Color Purple.  Janie Crawford/Starks/Woods does not grow as we might expect her to, but she comes to self consciousness by making choices of her heart.  It also reminded me of Kate Chopin in its honest and frank (but not tacky) portrayal of women’s sensuality.   It is clearly a feminist novel and Black men don’t get a good portrayal (as in The Color Purple).

Book that Might be Good to Give to a Friend