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Hope and Change

This is not meant at a snipe at our president.  However,

Hope is based on the truth that God never changes. 

Don't know if it's original, but it is sustaining me today.

Psalms of Ascent, 120-134

The Many Faces of Buddy

We now have two dogs.  The personality of the older dog has changed with the introduction of the mixed (read, at-least-part-pit-bull) puppy, a female.  It's amazing.  They are inseparable, although Buddy, the older one, occasionally wants a reprieve from Nala, the puppy, and will come in my room where I am working.  Nala wants to play all the time, and she can get pretty rough.  Interestingly, Buddy has become more muscular due to the rough play--he's bulking up (or hulking out).  Nala has not learned the potty training drill totally yet, although she will bark when she wants out.  I call her Princess Poops-a-lot; I am Princess Scoops-a-lot.  Because she's a puppy we are not sure of her personality yet; she has two modes, all-out enthusiastic crazy, and asleep.  
Buddy, on the other hand, came to us with, and has developed, a larger range of facial expressions and personal traits.  Here are his many faces (I wish I had photos, but I am not one to walk around with a camera).

Fruit of the Spirit

What the Hell . . .

(This may be a repeat.)I know that got your attention.  Why is she of all people using that expression?  Well, for one thing, it reminds me of the first time my son, at three years old, cussed.  I laughed, but told him we didn’t talk that way (he had heard it on, of all things, Back to the Future). 
The topic of this blog is “what the hell is…”  or more correctly, what is hell?  Or Is hell?
Nobody wants to talk about hell until someone famous denies there is one. 
And recently it seems that Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Church and a great, but intense, communicator, is denying eternal punishment.  Actually, it seems that his publisher is trying to drum up business for his next book by implying he is a universalist, a person who believes everyone will eventually go to heaven no matter what his/her beliefs are.
At the risk of being defamed, I will go on record.  I believe in Hell. 
The first argument against that position is, “Why would a loving God send someone to eternal punishme…

Worship Wars Revisited: What are we creating

Interpersonal Communication, Self-Esteem, Criticism: Part 2

Interpersonal Communication, Self-Esteem, and Criticism