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New Cover

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Things I don't understand

People who don't like to read but want to write. 

Why the president has to come on the radio and tell people on the East Coast to evacuate.  How stupid are they?  Who put that in his job description?

Why Newt Gingrich is still running for president.

Why people think college is more about social integration than learning.

Ecclesiastes: Hopeful, not Depressing

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Republican Politics

As I have written before, I usually (but not always) vote Republican, not because I am in love with Republican politicians but because the party's platform is closer to my own positions.  However, politics does not lend itself to nuanced positions.  I believe in a small government, pro-responsibility America.  If everyone would take responsibility to make mature decisions, we would be the kind of country we should be.  However, I think this includes treating the environment right and helping poor children and building strong schools, and not ignoring any of those.  I think there should be incentives to do the right thing, carrots if you will, but not sticks.  I also find it ironic that liberal, pro-choice people want women to have control over their bodies at every stage of pregnancy but don't want us to eat hot dogs or smoke cigs (granted, neither are good for you, but I think aborting an 8-month old preborn baby is a little more dangerous.)  I can't be a libertarian beca…

Thoughts on Song of Solomon

I taught Song of Solomon last week and this.  Here are my two lessons, combined.  It's long, sometimes overlaps, and may seem a bit unorganized.  The sources of borrowed material are noted, but I think this could help you if you have to teach it.