Saturday, January 28, 2012

Child Rearing

My son is an adult now.  I have to remind myself of that everyday.

I still like to read about child rearing, though.  Yet one thing that puzzles me is what I hear all the time, "This is so hard."

Why is it so hard?  OK, I only had one, go ahead, tell me that I wasn't really a parent because I only had one.  Whatever. 

Every minute was awesome.  He was so much fun.  He was funny.  He was learning.  He said such interesting things.   Even when he had a seizure disorder, threw up all the time, had to take meds for seven years.

He was never hard to raise.  Others were always saying, "wait til he is two."  "Wait til he is a teenager."

Parents just have the wrong perspective.  First, they are too worried that their children should experience every sport, event, instrument.  Second, they are worried about what other people will say about them.  The competitiveness among parents amazes me.  "I am a better parent because I cosleep." (Stupidest practice ever).  "I am a better parent because I am still breast feeding after a year."  "I am a better parent because ......"  I think this is mostly mothers.  Third, they are too worried about balancing their own needs and wants with their children's.  They want to have a full-time job, go to school, and raise children. 

Get over it--you're a parent.  You don't get to have it all.  You are responsible for a child now.  Enjoy the child.  Quit pushing him to be the number one kid in the school.  Let him be who he is; let her enjoy being herself.  Good grief. 

A former AWANA director said the wisest thing I ever heard.  "The greatest privilege is to teach children about God."  That's what we get to do.  WOW.

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