Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whither Republican politics?

Hunstman and Perry out this week.  Big surprise.
Newt Gingrich?  Really?  Seriously?

And we're upset Romney has money?  Do they think a poor person can run for president?  If he was a failed businessman and didn't have money, would it make him more qualified to run for president? 
Why do these same people think Trump would be all right? (both, by the way, come from moneyed families; at least Romney doesn't act like he was raised poor.)

Romney didn't break any laws to make or live off his money.  I'm not crazy about him, but in the absence of some others coming forward, he's the best the Republicans have. 

I like Santorum, but he's unexperienced.   But he's a good man.

Why is there a double standard in the media for Democrats and Republicans?  It's so obvious, it's frighteningly amusing. 

And then there is Ron Paul.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Who is actually voting for this guy?  (Actually, I know of several who are or would.) 

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