Sunday, February 12, 2012

Downton Abbey Rocks

I am one of the number who has to watch Downton Abbey every week, usually twice.  The complexity of the story lines mandates two watchings or more.  Why am I a fan.

The clothes.

The actors, who are able to make us care about a time and place we really shouldn't.

The clothes (sorry)

The witty and intelligent dialogue.

The fact that, despite the soap opera plot, there are universal themes and noble people portrayed.

The historicity.  Rarely do we see movies or plays about the Great War, the war so few Americans understand.

The understated emotion.  My husband got choked up when William died (could anything be sadder).  And he even stopped watching the Super Bowl to watch DA.  How cool is that.

The production values.  This show must cost a fortune.

I'm sure other people have other reasons.  Join in.

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