Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen, Planned Parenthood, and Money

I like Russell Moore.  I heard him speak once at my church and was amazed by his honesty and boldness.  Here he goes after the real issue with Komen and Planned Parenthood.

My original post on this subject was far too harsh and opinionated.  It also was based on a one-side view of the facts.  So I am amending it, and apologize if the first sounded like I didn't care about breast cancer survivors, because I do and have many friends and acquaintances in that number.  Many, many breast cancer survivors has received immeasurable help and support from the Komen organization.  I also heard that the foundation was instrumental in getting breast health care to women in underserved countries, which is greatly commendable.

However, it would be wonderful if all the money Komen gives to Planned Parenthood really did go to mammograms for poor women.  Because of the link, that's why I am dissuaded personally from giving money to Komen, no matter who is walking somewhere.  Other people have to live their conscience, and many breast cancer survivors are very passionate in their devotion to the "pink."   I am glad for that. There are other organizations that support breast cancer research, and we all have to decide what cause is nearest and dearest to ourselves and our mission.  Mine is clean water, nutrition, and health care in the truly poor nations of the world, not disease organizations in this country.  Some organizations are very high profile and collect lots of money, and it is incumbent on all of us to know how they steward those finances.

Perhaps crisis pregnancy centers could start doing mammograms as well as sonograms.  It's a thought.  

To stick my neck out again, here's another controversial link.

Remember, this is a Jewish person's writing, not some wild fundamentalist.

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