Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Limits of Prayer

Facebook can be a wonderful way to be blessed by news from old friends.  A former classmate posted yesterday that he and his family were praising God for healing his adult son of nonHodgkins' lymphoma.  Apparently, the cancer is gone, one of those instances where the treatment was prescribed and suddenly there was no need for it.  I have known many of these incidents, either personally or through friends. 

I rejoice with this brother, and if my son were in that situation, I don't know how overwhelmed and devastated I would be.  However, I can't help thinking that we limit our prayer.

If God can heal individuals of cancer, and we believe that, why aren't we praying for other miracles and interventions? Specifically, for the bloodshed to end in Syria so that  free and just society can come to that area and so that the gospel can go forth?  Specifically, for the iron hand of oppression to be lifted from North Korea with the death of that nutcase, Kim Jong Il?  Specifically, for the militias and "people's armies" of central Africa to be subjugated so that women and children and the poor can have a life again?  Specifically, for all the believers (and yes, nonbelievers) who are imprisoned for conscience's sake?

Please do not interpret this as a snarky put-down of those who pray for healing.  It is a vindication that our God is all power and that we are the ones who limit prayer.

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