Friday, February 17, 2012

Writers Resources

I am rereading a book that is foundational to me as a serious fiction writer, John Gardner's The Art of Fiction.  Not to push Amazon (I know there is a big controversy over whether it is good for writers or not, so I only provide this link for more information):

Warning:  although this book "changed my life" (sorry for the cliche) as far as writing goes, and I will giving a more thorough review in the future, it is not a how-to book for writing a mystery or a romance.  It is more from an academic, literary critic point of view but in no way pompous or condescending.  Even if one wants to write mystery or romance or westerns or true crime, I believe one needs to read the best there is (at least some of it, not of course all of it) before getting into specific genre.   However, he does say not to write what you know, but to pick a genre and learn it.  I have to agree with that wholeheartedly.  The unread and inexperienced writer does not understand the power of genre. 

I am coming up to my 800th post, and I am also coming up to Lent.  I am seriously considering giving up blogging and some other media for Lent so that I can focus on more important, especially more spiritually important matters.  However, I will try to get up to 800 by Wednesday and finish up what's on my mind until then.

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