Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 1%

The One percent
The other day I was driving down 1-75 to my work in Dalton, GA.  A man passed me in a late model, decked out, shiny, champagne gold truck—either a Ford or Chevy.  On his back window was the bumper sticker,  “The 99%.”
I don’t know if this driver (I’ll assume it was a man, which I know is unfair), doesn’t understand the 1%/99% distinction made famous by the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  I don’t know if he is being funny, or ironic, or trying to turn their distinction on its head, saying, “You people who call yourself the 99% don’t know who the real 99% are.”  But if he is trying to portray himself as a victim of corporate greed, his choice in rides belies that message.

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