Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enough with the Apologizing, Already

It seems that everyday some public figure, celebrity, newsmaker, politician, or political spokesperson says something stupid.  When called to task, they apologize.

Yesterday it was some democratic mouthpiece who said Mitt Romney's wife never worked a day in her life.  Well, she's married to a millionaire and she's a Mormon.  Those two things mean Ann Romney was a "stay at home" (or homes!--or mansions!) mom.  Of course, this kind of statement from Hilary Rosen automatically raises the critics' ire.  "So women only get choice if they make the choices that liberals like!" is a typical response.

My point is not the debate about stay-at-home moms (I wasn't one, but desperately wanted to be).  My point is that Rosen is just another bead in a long string of "say something stupid and have to apologize for it even if maybe I don't mean the apologize but I've embarrassed myself."  Rush Limbaugh, David Letterman, etc, etc. yada, yada, yada.  Sometimes the vitriol from these people is unbelievable, yet it is supposed to be all nicey-nice because they apologize.

These blabbermouths should do one of three things:

1.  Think before they speak and stop being in love with the sound of their own voices.
2.  Realize that their apologies are meaningless.  They are just butt coverings, and insincere ones. 
3.  Stand by their guns.  If they meant it the first time, they meant it. 

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