Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Bases

This is post #810 on this blog, and will be one of the last for a while.  I did not blog over Lent, and on May 15 I start a doctoral program.  Yikes.  I won't have time to blog, so I have posted a lot today (surplus I had worked on).  So, this particular post will cover a lot of random bases.

In order to do the doctoral program, I am giving up dog training, gardening, volunteer work at the college, hobbies, activities at church, media, blogging regularly (I will probably blog on the experience), and wasting time on the Internet and Facebook.  I can't give up promoting my books, teaching Bible when asked to,  reading, and, much to my dismay, cleaning the house (which is currently filthy.)  I think I will use the blog to put links to other cool stuff.

 I had the flu during the last week of the March.  What the flu has taught me

My vulnerability.


Not to ignore the doctor.

How sweet my family is

How many sweet friends I have

That the world can go on without me

That it gets boring staying home

I decided not to have a vegetable garden this year, although when I see the price of green beans I might change that.  They are easy to grow and productive.

This is a cool website story on Hobby Lobby's Biblical artifacts collection.



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