Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last Sunday we were privileged to hear Dr. Steve Nichols, formerly of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and now president of Tennessee Temple University, speak at our church.  I will skip any observations about my former master TTU.  I hope the place is better now, and I hope Dr. Nichols can save it.  He preached at Brainerd Baptist because he was the mentor and professor of our pastor. He spoke on Psalm 46, God as refuge, river, and ruler.  Nice and appropriate outline.

The issue of God as refuge and tower, therefore protection, hit home.  My husband regularly tells me I am defensive.  I have reasons to be, but reasons do not mean the behavior has to continue.  If God is my refuge, I do not need to protect and defend my "self" so much.  Or at all.  It has been freeing.  That's one more step toward happiness.

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