Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doctoral Journey Goes On

Fifty-six is really too old to start a doctoral program.  So why am I doing it?
1.  I always wanted to earn a doctoral degree.  Call it the main thing in my bucket list.  However, the whole concept of a bucket list is depressing to me.  I don't think in terms of what I want to do before I'm dead.  I want to think about living.
2.  This one is very cost efficient and accessible.
3.  This one is about what I really want to do the rest of my career, which is not esoteric research.
4.  I'll make more money and will be eligible for administrative jobs in higher ed, which is where the money is.
5.  My father made it to third grade.  My mother graduated from high school.   No one else in my family, which is very large, has one, but I hope others will catch a vision.
6.  I really, really believe there will be ministry doors open because of it. 
7.  I really, really believe this is God's will for me now.

I spent last week at an orientation retreat.  It was wonderful.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness I encountered.  I have already gotten the books and readings sitting on my desk for my next class.  Let's go!


drgregb said...

I received my PhD when at the age of 53. I got my M.A. at age of 37. Life is a continual learning process. When we stop learning; we stop living. I am currently working on my second Masters (in theological studies) I started a new career as a college professor this last year. I am 64.


Barbara G. Tucker said...

Thank you for that good word, Greg. I do not feel old and am in good health. I plan to work as long as I can, so finishing a degree at 59 (I hope) will still give me lots of years left. Congratulations on your continued education.

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