Tuesday, May 01, 2012


After many, many months (years) of waiting and praying and editing and rewriting, I now can legitimately call myself a novelist because I have three published (not by self) novels and one self-published Kindle book.  I received the shipment today.  They look great.  Not on the online sites just yet, but will be soon. 

I learned my lessons on the first ones:

No giveaways.  Nobody gets one without paying for it.  My profits go to charity anyway.

No shyness or humility or modesty or "oh, it's nothing."  It's blasted hard work and lonely hours and sacrifice. 

Finding every venue for buzz, until people are sick of it.  But not everyday, of course. 

When will the next ones come?  Don't know; I've got one I may epublish under a different name.  But I've got about ten more ideas for novels in my head. 

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