Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A friend and I took in this movie last week.  It was delightful.  It is to be experienced, not critiqued.  We were with the clients from Orange Grove (a facility for developmentally disabled in Chattanooga, TN--a godsend of a place, and I should know because my brother lives there) that my friend works with.  They wanted to sit in the front, so we felt like we were in the rush and color and clamor of India's streets. 

The movie centers on seven elderly Brits who decide for various reasons to retire in India, but the "hotel" they have chosen is not up to par, to say the least.  It is run by the manic Dev Patel, who I thought was great in the part.  We get lots of plots and personal stories.  Of course, we have to have the obligatory gay man , the obligatory couple that gets divorced after forty years, and the obligatory old guy taking Viagra.  But Judi Dench was in it, and I've never seen her in a bad movie.  She can make you believe she is Queen Victoria, James Bond's boss, and a lonely widow.

The subtext of the movie is that Dev Patel says he is going to outsource old age.  Ah, how shameful that it is so.  My mom often says, "When I go in the nursing home," to which I reply, "that will never happen."  Of course, we cannot guarantee the future, but I will do what is necessary not to outsource my mother.

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