Friday, July 13, 2012

The Future of Books

I subscribe to a sort of enewsletter by a man named Seth Godin.  It is very provocative; he basically writes about how the publishing (and creative expression world--music, etc.) is changing due to digital means.  Here's his latest

As the writer of ebooks, and regular books, I have learned that writing is now 50% or more marketing--something I don't have time for and something that has nothing to do with the quality of my writing.  Not only do I not have time for it, I do not have a heart for it.  I think my writing is as good as anyone's (well, anyone mainstream--it's not Cormac McCarthy).  But self-promotion is hard.  I am facing a difficult time in life due to a family member's grave illness and the fact that I am in a doctoral program, on top of having a job.  Spending ten to twenty hours a week or more trying to get people to buy my books is just not a priority.

Any ideas for those like me?  One is to enlist friends who put your name and books on discussion boards.

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