Sunday, July 01, 2012

Problems with Federal Financial Aids Programs

I like what is printed by Imprimus/Hillsdale College, which of course is fiscally conservative.  Here's an interesting article:

It may seem strange for a college professor in an open access college to post this (and support it), but I see these truths from the inside out.  There IS fraud involved; there ARE too many students coming to college who are unprepared and likely to drop out,  but they still get the same amount of money as the good ones (federal financial aid has nothing to do with ability unless the students score extremely, extremely low on the placement tests). 

I did not get any loans or grants to get through college.  My son graduated from a private college debt-free in four years due to my working extra, our frugality, and his own ability to get some lucrative scholarships and do the course work without dropping classes or failing any of them.  I know there are many students who benefit from Pell and loans, but they are fewer than those who misuse the system or just don't need it because they are middle class and their parents don't want to foot the bills.

Even worse, we don't need all these people with bachelor's degrees.  A technical diploma would be fine for many of them.

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