Friday, July 20, 2012

The Reality of Unemployment

My son is unemployed.  He has been for four months now, and before those jobs, for about five months after graduating from college. 

He gets interviews; he networks and attends professional meetings; he applies to dozens of jobs a week.  He gets jerked around a lot.  One (very large) employer called him and asked if he was still interested; he was.  “Fill out these papers online.”  A week later, he hasn’t heard from them.  The employers are in total control, and I think even after interviews they do not hire. 

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems now, and as a student spoke on yesterday in class, has all kinds of ripple effects:  mental health issues, much lower wages when the person gets a job, skill decay (I can see that in my son).    I am not one to blame the president for everything, but I can’t help but lay some blame on his current president’s policies.  I prefer not to get political in this blog, but any reader will detect that I am not a fan of Pres. Obama.  In fact, I am far less than a fan.  His re-election would be a disaster for this civilization, although we are doing a pretty good job of it ourselves with our greed and selfishness.  Pres. Obama has never met an entitlement program he doesn’t like, and he knows that taxes the “rich” more will not solve anything.  It will not raise that much money and will only cut down on the investments those folks make.  I am not a rich person but do not envy them.

As for his gaffe about “you didn’t build that,” well, it’s a great line to make fun of.  For someone who is supposed to be a great speaker, he says some odd and not well-thought-out things.  But I would say it is because he talks too dang much.  He is always talking.  He is always in front of a crowd or on TV.  It is documented; I am not making this up.  He spoke in public more in his first year in office than all the presidents from Washington to McKinley.  So anybody that talks that much is not going to be able to measure his words and not get carried away with his mouth. 

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