Saturday, March 09, 2013

Review of Twelve Angry Men and Group Dynamics

If you have come to this site on my blog because it was referenced in a "free essay" site or something alone that line, I have removed it.  As a professor, I am worried about plagiarism and protection of my work, and I decided after 4500 hits on this essay that it was time to take it down.  It is probably still available elsewhere, having been stolen by those free essay sites.  I have removed it from my other blog, too.  If you are a legitimate professor and want it for a class, I can be contacted through the comments section of this blog and will send you a copy.  I originally wrote it as part of my doctoral program.  My professor at the time told me it was ready to be published.  Apparently lots of others thought so too. 

I imagine this will hurt overall traffic on my blog, but it's been up 4.5 years, and that's long enough.  

Merry Christmas!

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