Sunday, July 21, 2013

Worst Movies Ever

I do not go to movies unless I read the reviews on it.  It's two hours of my life; I want to know what I am getting into.  So I don't see a lot of movies I would consider really bad.

One I did see recently was Identity Thief.  I cannot begin to describe how awful it was, neither funny nor with characters I cared about.

I do not watch horror or slashers, so those don't get a nod here.

Many Adam Sandler movies are bad, but actually not all of them.  If you just want low-brow comedy, that's what you'll get.  You'll laugh but get absolutely nothing else from it.

I have heard The Lone Ranger is bad also. Which is the point--I'm only going to go see ones that are good.

Ebert, a critic I followed even though I didn't agree with his world view (he wrote soft-core pornography, for one thing) would criticize a movie based on what it intended to be.  I suppose that's all right, but if it tries to be bad and it is, is the movie there good? 

Recent good movies I have seen were 42, The Great Gatsby, and Devotion (old one about Bronte sisters which was not true but still a good story).  Daybreak, a French film from 1939, also good.  Dragonwyck is a very good old Vincent Price film, the best of his, I think. 

I would love for others to post here about the truly bad movies they have seen.

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