Thursday, May 29, 2014

Amicable Weirdos

My husband and I will often pick a movie on NetFlix.  He picks good ones that I would pass over.  We watched Night Train to Lisbon the other night, and an Italian film Bread and Tulips a couple of weeks ago.  Also Dean Spanley, which I'll write about elsewhere.

Anyway, in the description to Bread and Tulips, it says that the main character meets a group of amicable weirdos.  We watched the movie based on that phrase, and we've been laughing about it since.  What is an amicable weirdo?  However, I didn't think any of the characters were weirdos.  They were wonderfully human, which is the charm of the film.

I would like to be called an amicable (in the sense of friendly) weirdo.  I am odd; I own that, but I've met very few people who aren't odd.  I am reading the Carnegie Mellon Online Learning Initiative class in Statistical Reasoning (for a data analysis class I am taking this summer) and learning about the null hypothesis.  My null hypothesis is that everyone is odd in their own way, and I haven't reached a signficance level of .05 to make me reject the null hypothesis!  Odd can be good.

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