Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kallman's syndrome: One blessing

Not having a sense of smell can be life-threatening and embarassing, but in one respect it is helping me.  I am caring for my mother just about full-time now and have to clean out a lot of human waste.  It isn't pleasant but I can't smell it, so it doesn't bother me.  I imagine others would have more trouble with that.

I will be entering the third week of this phase on Tuesday.  We are finding a rhythm, and I am praying not to let her deserved attitude of apathy get me down.  I learned how to cook soft-boiled eggs yesterday, something I would never eat myself (nor fried--runny yolks are just disgusting). She ate two this morning, which is a breakthrough--she hasn't eaten nearly that much in a while.  I am keeping up with housework but her house needs deep cleaning and I can't do that.  She was a good housekeeper before this stage of the cancer but like all of us has a lot of clutter I want to throw out but do  not have the right to do so.

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