Friday, August 22, 2014

Where is leadership?

As I have written before, there was a popular bumper sticker (on the left) during the Bush administration:  Are you appalled yet?

Are we appalled yet by Obama?  ISIS is a direct result of his policies, inaction, hubris, ideology.  The influx of young immigrants is a direct result of his illegal, unconstitutional actions.  Those are just two examples.  If he weren't so activist, so bent on reforming America his way, where would we be?  He has tampered with the system.

Don't say, "But Bush ...."  That is just not relevant anymore.  We are seeing direct results of  his policies.  He can go out and make a speech somewhere but not deal with his actual job. 

I don't like to quote this source, but this says it all:

So what about Ferguson.  Well, it's a state and local matter.  I just don't know.  Too many people are too quick to make too many opinions.  In time we will know how hair-trigger the police officer might have been (I'm not immune to thinking some police officers go too far with their authority, to put it mildly) or if the officer was trying to defend himself.  I wasn't there.  But what it is causing me to do is examine my own views of how some African Americans feel.  Like most white people, and some black, I mumble under my breath, why do these people loot and burn their own neighborhoods as a protest?  What gives them the right to destroy others' property, and what good does it do?  Yet, beyond those vandalizers, I think we do have to examine the question some things; I am not entirely sure what.  While I don't like "white privilege" as a knee-jerk term, I think it's more like "white visual impairment" of what most of the world goes through.

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