Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Day Before the Scottish Vote

I have a weird belief in racial memory.  All my life I have dreamed of the sun being up at midnight or the sun not being up at 10:00 a.m.  This must come from my Northern European and Scottish ancestors, since I never lived north of the Mason-Dixon Line.  With the maiden name of Graham, I am at least 50% Scots myself; I know my clan tartan and motto - Ne oublie (never forget, which my husband thinks is very funny and true of my family).  I've been to Scotland and felt perfectly at home.  My brother visited there this summer, his dream, and golfed at St. Andrew's.  If I were wealthy I would own a home there.


This Scottish independence thing is "about stupid" as my husband would say.  Pictures of blue-faced zealots.  It is not good for the UK, for Scotland, for global security.  It just makes a bunch of Scots feel something they haven't felt before.  To me it's a lot like Southern states talking about seceding (except there is no racially-motivated component). 

I don't think it will succeed, but it may be very close.  I may be proved wrong by history, tomorrow.  One way or another. 

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