Sunday, October 12, 2014

Having Regrets

Should we have regrets about life?

Is it possible not to have regrets?

Do we regret what we did or what we didn't do?

Are regrets necessarily bad?

Can regrets turn into, or really be about, something worse, such as real, unconfessed wrong in our lives?

How much of our anxiety and depression may be due to regrets?

I think these are questions worth asking ourselves, individually and corporately.

I have some regrets.  I believe I have settled and that sometimes I haven't tried hard enough, have not worked hard enough, and have not taken risks.  But mostly I regret relational matters, and since my mother recently passed away, mostly right now they relate to her. 

I think a person without regrets is not self-aware and lacks empathy.

But regrets, of course, are crippling, too.  They can indicate a self-absorption and a lack of contentment.

I sat on the porch and listened to rain this evening.  My dogs were with me, but they were restless.  Mostly, they wanted my attention.  I do not regret that.

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