Tuesday, October 07, 2014

October 7, 2014: Blogging Lifestyle

I prefer to treat this blog the way a lot of people treat Facebook.  I can spend more time on my posts and it is available through search engines.  Plus, it's harder to get likes that don't require any response.

We had strong storms here in Northwest Georgia last night, but no official tornadoes.  

I am not very good at holding a grudge.  My little dog that I wrote about a couple of days ago is trying to "melt my heart."  I still tell him I don't like him, but he's very soft (and sheddy) and I want to play with him.  So far, I have kept my distance, although I have no idea what good that will do.

I will write about Craig's list soon.  I had one silly, ridiculous experience with it but some good ones, too.

One of the good things about blogging is that you can see who comes to it, and how much. My most popular post is the one about Twelve Angry Men and Groupthink.  It will spike at certain times, and I wonder if a professor somewhere has a link to it in a syllabus or online class.  If you do and are reading this, please let me know.  I wrote that paper for a doctoral class and it is rather good.  Almost 1700 people have accessed it, more than anything else, even the Kallman's one.

I am loving this Mac, for certain purposes.  Mainly, it's light and more portable. 

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