Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kallmann's Syndrome: Let's Talk

I have blogged now for over 7 years and am coming close to my 1250th post.  I deleted one the other day because the link was broken, and there are probably others, I should delete.   I like to provide links to other things I like. 

The two most popular posts are one reviewing, from a scholarly perspective, Twelve Angry Men.  My word, that gets a lot of hits--sometimes hundreds in a week.  The other is my "coming out of the closet" about Kallmann syndrome, (not Kallman's, as often seen).  Here is that link.

The comments to that post are better than the original post. 

I would like to encourage anyone who comes to this blog because of the title to feel free to talk to each other.  Although there are groups for us on Facebook, they might not work for anyone.  If anyone has some medical news, ideas for endocrinologists, or thoughts about living with KS, please comment here. 

There is a lot of emotional pain with this "disorder," "syndrome," or "genetic condition"--take your pick.  That is reflected in the comments.  It is exacerbated by its rarity, so that it is unlikely anyone will meet another person who will admit to having it.  

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