Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let It Go, Let It Go

A little girl in the neighborhood likes to take walks with me and the dogs.  Right now I don't get home early enough to beat the "dark," so those trips are curtailed, but up until a few weeks ago we walked quite a bit.  In fact, she took to hanging around waiting for me, which was annoying me and I had to turn her away some times, due to fatigue or just not wanting to walk in the neighborhood. The dogs do not do well in the subdivision--too many stray dogs and cats, for one, so I take them elsewhere.

Anyway, being nine, she is in love with Frozen.  On one of our last walks, she sang the song the whole way, often at the top of her voice.  She is in chorus and gets to do solos.  She actually has a pretty good voice but tries to sing in that pop star style.  I had to tell  her the next time we walked that we wouldn't sing this time.

I bring this up because I heard a student paper on this movie and its lesbian themes (what?) but yes, people go there.  Instead, I direct the reader to this blog, where the writer explores it from another perspective and obviously loves the movie.

I still think I like Beauty and the Beast better, but just a tad, and I haven't seen Frozen twice yet.  Both are quite good, both are about love of other and its saving power, rather than the old "believe in yourself" stuff.

I received Jesus and Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias today and look forward to reading it, after my debacle mentioned in the previous post.  What I have been meditating on is the internal vs. external.  Christianity is about the external becoming internal; the external God saves the internal soul; modern quasi religions focus on delving within to find something that will "save."   How much must one look inside, how deeply, to find this salvation? 

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