Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Donald Miller coined this term in Blue Like Jazz, and I default to it. A lot.  It is my only addiction--stronger than coffee, more pervasive than my desire for a glass of wine with pasta, more life controlling than books.

I had some deep personal revelations this morning (able to work at home today) about the status of my self-addiction, why I use social media, how much I desire professional attention, how much I want admiration more than relationship. Not a pretty picture.  Do I push Like on Facebook or make a comment to remind people I am here, that I live in the world, or to encourage the other person in some way?

But, and this is no excuse, I am not the only one.  The first post on my feed this morning was (and I can't repeat it) from a woman I know who has emotional and mental health issues and clearly uses FB to get attention and sympathy, to remind people she is there and needy.  Another is from a professor at a seminary who bemoans the state of everything in the world and the church.  And so it goes.

Would I really be sacrificing anything to stay off FB for like, indefinitely? 

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